GRE Vocabulary Words, Letter Q

Listed here are GRE vocabulary words that begin with the letter Q. Use this list to drill yourself on these words. For best results, sign in to your MyGRETutor account and have the vocabulary tutor keep track of the words that you have seen and mastered. Keep in mind that memorizing vocabulary words is NOT the best way to increase your vocabulary. Instead, the best way to improve your vocabulary, and hence increase you GRE verbal score, is to read extensively and to become familiar with the GRE test format.

WordPart of Speech  Definition

quaff vTo drink deeply; to drink greedily.
quagmire nA predicament or unfavorable situation.
quail vTo cower; to shrink back; to cringe; to lose hope.
quaint adjOdd; old-fashioned; picturesque.
quandary nA state of doubt; perplexity; a condition characterized by uncertainty or riddled with a dilemma.
quarantine nIsolation; the condition in which a person or thing is removed from the general population.
quarry vTo dig into; to inquire; to bore into.
quash vTo crush; to suppress; to reject or make void.
queasy adjExperiencing nausea; felling as if about to vomit; squeamish.
queer adjStrange; deviating from the normal.
quench vTo put out or extinguish; to suppress; to satisfy (thirst).
querulous adjGiven to complaining; fretful; constantly whining.
query nA request; in inquiry; the phrasing of a question.
quiddity nThe essence of a thing; an odd feature; the distinctive component.
quiescence adjThe state of being passive; quiet; at rest.
quiescent adjTemporarily inactive; at rest and in hiding; dormant, but only for the time being.
quietus nA final acquittance from debt or an obligation; a rest.
quintessence nThe purest form; a perfect example; an essential ingredient.
quirk nA peculiar habit or action; an idiosyncrasy.
quisling nA traitor who aids invading forces.
quittance nA release; a discharge from a debt or obligation.
quiver vTo shake slightly but vigorously; to tremble.
quorum nThe fewest number of people required; the minimal number of members required for a meeting, usually the number that constitutes the majority of all the members; a select few.
quotidian adjBanal; ordinary; conventional.