GRE Text Completion - Single Blank Questions

When you are presented with a text completion question with one blank, you'll have to select the answer choice that best fits the overall meaning of the passage. There will be a total of five answer choices for a one-blank question. As part of this review, here is the process that you should go through as you attempt each GRE text completion question.

  1. For text completion questions, mentally think of your own word or words that you would supply to complete the passage. It's not important that you predict one of the answer choices—what's important is that you begin to think about the overall meaning of the passage.
  2. Look for key words that indicate a change of tone or mood, a continuation of an idea, a prediction or continuation of the passage where supporting material is provided.
  3. Determine if the missing word or words are adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc., and eliminate the answer choices that do not follow those constraints.
  4. Once you have eliminated choices and there is more than one choice remaining, then consider each choice and select the BEST answer, keeping in mind that the best answer may not be as good an answer as the one that you can imagine.