MyGRETutor Testimonials

I used for about six weeks and took every possible practice test the site offered. I also read a short book about preparing for the GRE, but this website was a far superior aid. The best part? - the hints. Instead of treating you like an imbecile and simply telling you that made the wrong choice, this site allows you to decide when you need a little help on each question. I think is one of the main reasons why I scored high enough to win a full-ride graduate fellowship + stipend from my university. Obviously, that won't happen with everyone - but maybe it will help a few other people do likewise. Thank you so much!
      ---Adam Joseph Winn, Ball State University - Muncie, IN

The first time I took the GRE, I used a commonly recommended study guide, and only made a 320 verbal, and 320 math--needing at least 750 combined to meet admission requirements. I found this website and followed all the tutorials and practice tests. I increased my combined score from 740 to 940!! Thanks for providing this website!!
      ---Jasmine Wood, Northwestern State University, Shreveport Louisiana

Your prep materials are the best. Paying for the essay evaluation was the best money I've spent. I was averaging 500 on the verbal and 400 on the math when I took my first practice exam. I did all the tutorials, vocabulary practice, practice questions and practice exams. I studied each essay critique and applied to the next practice essay. Today, I took the GRE for my entrance into a PhD program - this is after 35+ years since my undergrad degree. I scored a 680 on the verbal and 450 on the math. I am sure I nailed the essays. Thanks for a great service.

Your service is amazing. Not just because it is great, but because you speak the truth. I myself have spent thousands at Kaplan and Princeton. All those charlatans teach you tricks that even a dolt knows. They give diagnostic tests and score it really low on purpose. I got 10 wrong on the verbal paper diagnostic exam at Kaplan and they gave me a 450, then I take a cat practice test as part of Kaplan's course, I get 11 wrongs and I still get a 660. hmmmm... There is a reason why they do this. If someone scores below that lousy baseline score of 450 on the real GRE, then Kaplan's going to have to provide a refund as part of their guarantee. Now, how many people are going to score below 450? Anyhow, kudos to your philanthropic activities. Let me know if I can help you in any way.
      ---Dean Mohamed

I found this site when I was doing my undergrad and saved it in my favorite places cause I knew one day it would come in handy. I have referred several friends to the site and am now using it to study for my GRE which I plan to take in about a month. I love the site, especially the practice tests because you can see your score go up as you study more.

Hello! I am a 2nd grade teacher in Wilmington, NC. I am preparing to take the GRE this spring, and again in late summer. I just want to say thank you for the ease of use of your website! The way that the tutors are set up, as well as the format of the vocabulary builder, are wonderful! I love that you can see your progress and get immediate affirmation or explanation of your answers. I will be using your site DAILY until I take the GRE. Thank you so much for all you do!

I stumbled upon MyGRETutor after months of frustrating study with Princeton Review and Kaplan resources, which lacked either difficulty, consistency, or quality. Ever since I found MyGRETutor and started studying it for two hours a night for the past month, I could definitely feel myself improving. I just took the GRE today for the first time and felt prepared going in. I was very happy with my score (650 verbal, 720 math). This isn't the highest score but I feel it is much better than what I would have gotten without the extra practice. I also felt very confident with my analytical writing. I wanted to thank the creators of this service for providing the service at such a reasonable price. I will recommend it for all of my friends taking the GRE.
      ---Daniel Chui

I've mastered more than 100 words using your vocabulary tutor. Thanks for your help.
      ---Deanna, New York
I can't wait for more GRE practice exams; I think they are great practice.
      ---William, Northwestern U.
The vocabulary tutor is great. I use it 10 minutes each day, and it's helping me to master tons! more words.
      ---Valerie, UCLA
I'm glad to see that I don't have to spend thousands of dollars on other comparative GRE prep books or websites. This one is awesome.
      ---Benjamin, BYU
Your practice exams are an excellent means for attaining a great GRE score. I am looking forward to finding more tests soon.
I am a Chinese student and I have searched a long time for the qualitative resources to help prepare me for the GRE. Thanks for the excellent website!
      ---Zhang Jianping, Wuhan University, China
Thanks for the simple yet effective and complete website; it's proving quite useful in my studies, and I can access is from anywhere.
      ---Emily, Southern Connecticut State U.
Your website is the best source of practice questions for the GRE. Thanks, and I hope to see even more content in the future.
Thank you very much for all the free support you give people. I appreciate all the practice questions
      ---Maria, Germany
MyGRETutor is really very helpful. It covers all of the aspects of the exam, and has everything one needs to successfully prepare for the GRE. Thank you.
      ---Saika, University of Pittsburgh
Your MyGRETutor website is excellent ... the design of this website is simply superb ... it is very very useful to those who really want to study for the GRE.
Thanks so much for making such a great site! It is a fantastic resource: well structured, and very comprehensive! Your site has made my study preparation very enjoyable.
Thank you very much for the website and for the free GRE practice; it is very beneficent.
This is the most helpful site for online preparation for the GRE...the best part is the free practice exam!! Keep it up!!
      ---Manjiri Keskar, RGIT
How great your site is! Whatever can be said about the assistance you provide for those who will sit for the GRE is a modest testimony compared to what you do for us. Thanks, Thanks.
      ---Yousef Banat, Jordan
Your website provides invaluable material for GRE aspirants. Thanks.
Thanks very much for GRE Tutor for providing such good online practice.
      ---Ravikiran, Hits College of Engineering, Hyderbad, India
Thanks for your support for students like us who can pay heavy amounts for tutorials... You are really doing a great job... Keep it up... Your site completely covers the GRE syllabus so there is no need for us to reference other study materials... thank you
      ---Pavan, Gogte Institute Of Technology, India
The practice exams are really good, and the review questions with their difficulty level indicated are excellent, too.
I never knew that the internet could be so useful ... until I came across MyGRETutor. Hats off to the creators!
      ---vasu kanna, CVR College
This is a great site! I improved my GRE score by 170 points! It's very comprehensive and I hope that you are able to keep it free for future students like myself.
No web site provides adaptive tests other than Thanks.
      ---Nikhil, TRR College
This site is really helpful ... many details in the tutorials are really brilliant and assist in organization and clarity. Practice questions assist in warming up.
I'm delighted to visit the MyGRETutor website. It has motivated me to continue my studies and pursue my goal to get accepted into graduate school. Thanks!
      ---Melvin Torres is a very good one stop resource for GRE students. The practice exams for me were top notch and they helped me a lot to evaluate myself and compare my position with others.
      ---Shreyas Ahir
My GRE Tutor is an awesome website...initially I thought it would be like any other website, but now I spend at least 1 hr per day going through the activities listed...its very useful.
      ---Niranjan, VET
This Web-Site is very much useful to all the GRE Exam takers. Thank You very much.
      ---V.Bharath Kumar
I'm lovin it!
This website is better than any other I've seen ... you have many practice questions, and the full-length practice exams are awesome ... I don't think we need anything else :)
Thank you very much! I have been using your website for the last 2 months, and it is great. I would recommend it to all my friends who are aiming for the GRE.
Wow! was the first word that came to my mind, when I saw your site. Man, you're doing a great service for all of us. It may sound a bit cliched, but thanks a ton for creating such a wonderful site!
      ---Nadeem, India
Absolutely AWESOME site!!! Finally after months of searching the net, I am truly satisfied in every sense!!!
      ---Ankush Inani, Mubmai
This site is awesome. Once you sign up and start using it you realize how much help the website really is. The best I have seen so far.
      ---Yohannan, Texas
Thanks so much for all the work that you put into this website. The tutorials, practice questions and tests were more than adequate preparation for the GRE. I passed with "room to spare"!
      ---Ruth Geide, Clemson University
Based on two intensive weeks using your web course and a couple of study books, I was able to get an 800 math and 570 verbal. Thanks!!
This site is too good. The practice Questions and Exams are extremely comprehensive and will make you fully prepared to face any GRE.Thanks for your valuable service.
      ---Titus, India
The website is very useful. The vocab builder is a great help. Keep it up.
This is One Awesome site. It has everything that a student requires who is preparing for GRE. Thanks to everyone who is making this so good.
Thank you so much for this amazing website!! I am out of words to express how much it helped me!
      ---Anonymous, West Chester University
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the services provided on the site at such a reasonable price. I had only a week or so to study in between the first test I took and the second, and my score went up 250 points. I am definitely recommending the site to everyone!
Thanks so much for this site! After going through the practice exams and tutorials (especially the math!), I found no surprises on the format or the content of the GRE. I didn't get a perfect score, but I am sure that I scored higher than if I had not practiced using MyGRETutor
I would like to congratulate you for the great effort that has been put in this site. With its help, I was able to increase my quantitative score by 100 points and receive a perfect score. Thanks again and well done.
I used your site to help me prepare for the Verbal section of the GRE. I just took the test and got 780! Thanks!
The practice material here was, for the most part, very useful. The explanations for the verbal questions was excellent. My GRE score came out much higher than any of the practice tests and what I expected. Thank you so much -- I earnestly believe that MyGRETutor was partly responsible for my success on the GRE.
      ---Sammy Mohamed
watte wow ... guys please stick to the plan given here ... i've taken GRE in the old format... MyGREtutor is truly awesome. i've enriched my vocabulary very much.
      ---Bharath Ramakrishnan, CIT
Thank you so much for providing the practice questions and tests. They really helped me get the score I wanted!
      ---Nicola, University of St. Thomas
MyGRE Tutor has really helped me to boost up my confidence level to face an examlike the GRE.
      ---TAJ, GMRIT
Great resource! I took the revised test this week (August 2014) and scored in the 160s in both sections. Thank you for making this available.
      ---Ana, Connecticut