3 Week Study Plan, Second Week

Plan for the Week

In the second week of this 3-week study plan, you will complete the tutorials, answer more practice questions, and, at the end, take a second GRE practice exam.

During the second week, spend at least 6 days preparing for the GRE. Spend 2 hours each day, for a total of 12 hours. Here is a sample plan for the second week of the three week plan:

  • Day 1: Read the Geometry, Data Analysis, and Quantitative Comparison Sections of the tutorials section. This will complete your math review. Complete 8-10 of each type of math practice question. Finish by studying a handful of new vocabulary words. By this time, too, there should be plenty of words that you can review and which you saw during the first week. See how many words you can master.
  • Day 2: Read the tutorials on Sentence Equivalence, and Text Completion questions. The text completion questions tend to be some of the more straight-forward questions on the Verbal sections of the GRE exam, but do not let that fool you. There are three different types of text completion questions, but only one type of sentence equivalence question. Attempt approximately 10 of each type of text completion, and approximately 10 of the sentence equivalence questions. Finish by studying some vocabulary words.
  • Day 3: Again prepare for the essay section. In the first week you sampled some of the issue and argument essay topics, and this week do it again. This time, however, don't only brainstorm, but actually take your brainstorming notes and compose practice paragraphs.
  • Day 4: Go over the writing well sections of MyGRETutor, and attempt more practice questions for the types of questions that you have already reviewed.
  • Day 5: By this time you have completed all of the tutorials, and in preparation for the practice test on day 6, spend all of day 5 doing practice questions. Don't do one type of question, but instead cycle through the sections: do a few math, a few verbal, and mix-and-match the types. Do this for a full 1.5 hours. The questions that you will see on the real GRE will also be drawn from all of these sections, so you want to sample the questions accordingly. Spend the last few minutes on day 5 learning new words, and reviewing those that you have seen previously.
  • Day 6: Take the second GRE practice exam. As was the case when you took the first practice exam, complete all sections of the exam, one after another. Do not stop in between sections. It might be tiring for you to sit for several hours, answering question after question, but that is how it will be on test day, so you should prepare for it while you have time.

Week Study Plan for Math Component of GRE

In the second week of this study plan, you will continue to review the math topics that appear on the GRE revised test. If it has been a while since you have attempted math questions, you will want to be especially vigilant when you view the math tutorials. Of the three math topics that you are reviewing this week, geometry, data analysis, and quantitative comparison sections, quantitative analysis might be the most "odd," because it is unlike most other math questions that you have probably answered before.

Week Study Plan for Verbal Component of GRE

Here are the two verbal question types that you will review/learn this week:

  • Text Completion: You will be presented with one or several sentences, with a single, two, or three blanks. If the sentence that you are shown has a single blank, then you will have five answer choices, but if the sentence has two or three blanks, you will see three answer choices for each blank. Your task is to select that choice(s) for each blank so that the sentence is coherent and correct.
  • Sentence Equivalence: You will be presented with a short snippet of text with a single blank, along with six answer choices. Your task is to select TWO of the answer choices, so that when either of them is inserted into the blank, the sentence is grammatically, stylistically, and logically correct. Moreover, the two answer choices that you select should generate sentences that are similar in meaning.

Become familiar with all of these verbal question types. As with the math section, attempt a fair share of verbal practice questions. These questions should help to solidify the concepts that you learned in the tutorials.

Week Study Plan for Essay Component of GRE

On day 3 of this week, you will study the essay task of the GRE test. Take several more sample issue and argument topics, and brainstorm on these -- and THEN also write several sample paragraphs. You'll do this on the real test, so this is ideal practice. Also focus on the style and organization that is required of good essays. The content of the essay is important, but the structure and your command of the English language are similarly as important.