Simulation GRE® Revised Test Practice Questions

To do well on the GRE Revised General exam, you must familiarize yourself with the format of the test. But knowing the format is not enough. You must practice. And then practice some more. Think back to when you were learning how to ride a bicycle. Leading up to the time when you first tried, you were probably told -- or had seen others -- that you must hold on to the handle bars, that you must keep moving, and that you must keep your balance. It sounded easy, right? You knew how to hold on to the handle bars. Check. You knew how to pedal. Check. And balance? Well, you could stand, so for sure you knew how to balance. And then you tried. And probably fell down. And again. And again. And only THEN could you do it. And perhaps you had training wheels. It is the same with the GRE exam. To prepare, you want to practice on as many questions as you can find. And that's where MyGRETutor can help.

View and Review Hundreds of Practice Questions

gre math questions by topic or typeWe have hundreds of practice questions that are based on the GRE Exam format. Some questions are difficult, and some are easy. Each one is accompanied by two hints and an explanation. The hints provide progressively more clues to help you work through each problem. You choose when to see the hint, and when to see the answer. That way, we coach you to the right solution and help you to learn important concepts that are tested on the GRE revised Test.

View math practice questions by type, or math topic

gre math questions by topic or typeSome students are good at multiple choice questions, and others are good at numeric entry questions, regardless of the math topic. Still other students struggle with algebra, geometry, or data analysis.

Because each student is different, we give our users the option to see practice questions by question type, or by math topic. This allows you to focus your studies, and increase your chances of scoring well on the exam.

GRE Practice Questions - Keep Track of Your Progress

At MyGRETutor, we keep a tally of which questions you have seen, and we keep track of your progress. From among the reading comprehension, text completion, sentence equivalence, and arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis simulated GRE Test practice questions, use the analysis tools to find out which you should study for.